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A Gathering of Celebration!

– Great to have you visit this page! We would love to offer you a glimpse into a typical Sunday morning service at Overcomers House, Chippenham.

– Our times of worship are more like celebrations as a result of the faith which we profess. We gather together at 10:30am to lift our voices to sing praises to God and worship him from our hearts. The songs are usually quite contemporary praising the faithfulness of God and thanking him for his love towards mankind. Our worship in songs can be quite vibrant but also reflective, always full of gratitude to God for the newness of life that we have in Him, by being forgiven and transformed by His grace and mercy.

– For the benefit of those new to Christianity, we take some time to explain the basis of our faith in Jesus Christ. A Christian is a person who believes in Jesus Christ and has come to a point where he realizes that he was born to worship his loving creator, God. Of our own natural abilities, self-discipline and goodness, we are not good enough to declare ourselves as righteous. Nothing that we do humanly can make us right with God. There is however another way to right standing with God and that is through Jesus Christ. God sent His Son Jesus to the earth to take away our sins and bring us into a closer relationship with God by dying on the cross for us. Through the death of Christ we were forgiven all our sins and made to have a right standing before God. If you would like to learn more about this salvation story and right standing with God, please speak with any of the minsters of the church.

– What else Happens on Sunday?

– We believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God. During our church service we have a bible teaching which provides insight into biblical principles. This is a very vital part of the service and last for about 30 – 45mins. Our bible teachers are great story tellers and often inject some humor into their teachings. More often than not, these sessions often lead to periods of introspective reflections which result in transforming lives for good.

– Sometime during the service, we ask those attending this church service for the first time to stand or raise their hands so that they can be identified and welcomed warmly by the congregation.

– What can I wear?

– We are always very happy to see new faces so please feel free to come as you are.

– We round up the service by 12.30pm

– Our Sunday services are times of revival, renewal, warmth, rejoicing and moments of truth for growth as believers of Jesus Christ. We truly look forward to welcoming you!

– Welcome to the family…

Smile, Jesus loves you.